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Bait recipe

Taking the time experimenting and learning which bait works the best will save you money and time when you've got your perfect bait. Store bought trap with bait refill can cost $5-$7 which can add up quickly over time 10 traps would cost you $‏50 a month to refill, and over $600 ‏‎a year to maintain! You can buy a dozen egg for $2 which can last you a year! Plus you can feed the dead flies to your chicken without the worry they'll get sick using natural bait.

Save money, refill as many times as you want. Natural home made bait work the best experiment around the ranch to see what flies gather around the most and try putting that in the bait bowl. 

experiment with food around the house it can not be fresh, meat will have to be in the decay process to where it will start releasing carbon dioxide to attract flies. Rotten* Keep bait wet by adding beer or water

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trap is basic funnel it comes down to your bait place trap out in sunny area

NEW recipe for Hornets!

I had some old taco meat (ground beef) in the fridge. 
3 tbsp nasty taco meat
1 tbsp yeast
1 egg + shell
1/3 can Michelob Ultra 
Probably 20-25 of them in there before this heat wave hit.
NEW Recipe for mosquitoes
Yeast + brown sugar! 
as yeast feeds off brown sugar it releases carbon dioxide, this is how mosquitoes find its host by carbon dioxide emission. Yeast is a living organism you will have to feed it with sugar to keep attracting mosquitoes! Add kombucha tea or lone star beer as main ing includes brown sugar and yeast! 50% Yeast and 50% brown sugar. The yeast does not need to be replace while brown sugar will.

(Number #1 voted best bait) Fancy feast cat food+water

-If you have Rodents use Manure or Animal poop mixed with beer and yeast as bait flies love it animals avoid it!

-or hang it off of a shepherds hanging hook using vaseline on the rope to keep rodents away!

-In case of high wind place rocks in the bait bowl to anchor down the trap

Also be sure to clear any surrounding Poop and manure or else the flies will just go towards those that are easily accessible. 

Important step Add Beer to keep bait wet we suggest every week or when you see it dry up!

Flies are attracted to the carbon dioxide released from the yeast found in beer*

Carbon dioxide releases at the start of the decaying process which attracts flies nearby!

!!! Be sure to clear the surround of poop or anything that may attract flies you want them to be all attracted to one place for maximum fly control !!!

Bait recipe: egg sugar and yeast

PRO TIP: Be sure to toss in the egg shells as well don't throw away the egg shells!

adding egg shells with the egg"yolk AND white" can be the differences between an effective trap and a non effective trap 

Also keep experimenting with different location and bait. 

PRO TIP: Be sure to toss in the egg shells as well don't throw away the egg shells!

For the Attractant I use a packet of yeast, a couple eggsquarter cup milk, and a tablespoon of sugar. seems to work good and stays in liquid form for a few days in 80 degree temperature days. I just top it off with water every few days. its been about 3 weeks now and still have them filled with the original solution. The other part is getting the trap in the right location, a sunny area 3 to 4 feet off the ground seems to work for me. yet still one of my trap gets 1000's of more fly's then the other two. so location is still key, if you not catching them in one location then move to a new location until you start to see fly's getting trapped.

*if you have rodents hang trap off of a shepherds hanging hook using vaseline on the hook or a attached hook to keep rodents away!

Wanting to have a peaceful time sitting on patio without having to swat flies away-Best product to trap pesky annoying flies. Set this trap outside in backyard. I used raw chicken/water as the bait. This was only after 3 days.

*If you have rodents use Manure or Animal poop mixed with beer and yeast as bait flies love it animals avoid it!*

Awesome works as well as they say it does! Just use the right Bait and follow the directions. In a open sunny area, with bait bowl no more than 4ft from the ground. Bait I used was a combination of the two best recipes plus my own spin. I used one egg, 1/2 cup warm water, 1 packet of bakers yeast, a couple splashes of beer, 4 Oz of tuna, 4 Oz can of shredded chicken cat food, table spoon of flour, bread crumbs. Topped off with table spoon of sugar. Boy does it work. I started noticing immediately fly's getting trapped when I set each of the 8 traps up. Amazing!

PRO TIP: Be sure to toss in the egg shells as well don't throw away the egg shells!

  • one egg 
  • 1/2 cup warm water
  • 1 packet of bakers yeast
  • a couple splashes of beer (must contain yeast and sugar)
  • 4 Oz of tuna
  • 4 Oz can of shredded chicken cat food
  • table spoon of flour
  • bread crumbs
  • Topped off with table spoon of sugar

These traps were filling within an hour. I used the stinky fly trap bait "store bought" and added cow manure to the "broth" as I saw on a YouTube video. Keep the bowl full and wet, the flies will keep coming! This is near my feed buckets. I live on a small farm.

Easy to set up, I experimented with different things to put in the attached bowl to attract flies. I settled on Lone Star Beer, and within 48 hours I literally have hundreds of flies in each of my traps. Great buy! 

Our Expert comment: Lone star beer is perfect for this as it contains both yeast and sugars like dextrose and maltose which works together to release carbon dioxide to attract flies. Hope this helps! Some beer brand doesn't contain yeast nor sugars such as bud light! Which won't work!

Flies are attracted to the carbon dioxide released from the yeast found in beer* when it feeds off sugar! 

Because of this adding beer that contains both yeast and sugar is a pro tip to a effective trap* some beer doesn't contain sugar so adding sugar or syrup does the trick!

Thousands of flies in 24 hours in each trap, amazing. I used what i had as bait. One egg whipped in water poured over small chunks of raw chicken. Water needs to be added often as it won't smell as much dry

PRO TIP: Be sure to toss in the egg shells as well don't throw away the egg shells!

Ok the bad reviews are user error. I bought 8 for a half acre. Some worked great some didn't. Those that didn't were either too high off the ground or my bait wasn't strong enough. Two baits that I've used are dog poo and salmon. Salmon skin isn't enough. You need to get some meat in there too. It will stink, so don't place it where you want to hang out. Dogs will try to eat it, so keep it in an area that they can't get to. Flies will love it... If I was a fly Fishman, I'd have bait for years to come.

Works perfectly!!! I tried too many things around our chicken coop but this one works perfect!!! Picture for 3 weeks But do not forget the bait , egg sugar and yeast mixture works really well, ordered two more the other side of my yard.

PRO TIP: Be sure to toss in the egg shells as well don't throw away the egg shells!


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It won't let me write review on your page, so, here's my review: 5 stars. I received my fly trap. Put tuna, and egg mixed together. Hung it. Within 2 hrs I had trapped flies in it. Very, very Happy with my purchase!! Will buy more!!

PRO TIP: Be sure to toss in the egg shells as well don't throw away the egg shells!

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