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Set Up

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Putting together your reusable fly traps

 learn how to assemble our Net Fly Traps.
Place green bowl onto the metal ring so it sits securely, hold the net up and connect the bottom inner loop to the inner hook at the top.
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Where to hang it
We advise you to hang our net traps away from where your animals may become interested in playing with them. If you have more than one, spreading them around a pasture on a fence or field is a great way to attack the flies from different angles. Our net traps work a treat where there is lots of direct sunlight!
Windy area
Place rocks along with bait in the bait bowl to anchor down the trap during high winds
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‏‏How to bait it
 Anything rotten like meat or eggs should do the trick remember to add beer to your trap to keep the bait wet the yeast in it also help in acting as an attractant for the fly. Leave trap out in the sun to get the bait going. Hang it nowhere higher than waist height the lower the better. This is a recommended height to start out with as you catch more flies increase the height.

You have to think, why would a fly go to the effort of getting into the trap for horse manure when there's already an abundance they can just land on on the ground. You have to make it worth it. Also be sure to clear any surrounding Poop or manure or else the flies will just go towards those that are easily accessible. Get something real stinky in there. Rotten meat or eggs mmmhhm
It is important to know that majority of people do not catch flies within the first 24 hours of setting bait. it takes ‏‎a couple day for bait to kick in and start attracting flies. It is important to leave your trap with bait out in the sun to speed up the process. After 1 week is when your bait will really start to kick in. Some store bought meats and eggs contain so much preservatives that can prolong this process which leads to people thinking the trap doesn't work.

see a list of working bait recipes


For EVEN more recipe and helpful tip visit our home page and scroll down to the review section where customers can leave a review and explore what bait other people have used. This section is very helpful! Feel free to share with the community what bait you've came up with that also worked!

 Hang up to 5ft from the ground

Most fly activity occurs up to 5ft from the ground, especially if you live on a farm and keep animals! Instead of hanging the trap from the top of a tree, hang it from a fence or shepherd hook.

Experimentation is key!
If you put a few of our net traps around your property then you'll soon learn how important testing different locations can be. If it's been days and you've only caught a few flies in one of your traps, move it to a new area. 
How to remove dead flies!
To get the dead flies out you want to step 1. remove the bowl step 2. unlatch the hook step 3. invert the funnel. Flies will fall right out the hole they came through 
To clean the trap just unhook the hook and the funnel will flip inside out, simply dump the flies out the same hole!

Are you struggling to achieve results with your traps?
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